WWC 2017│1st Announcement

It is our great pleasure to announce that the 6th World Waterfowl Conference (WWC 2017) will be held in Taipei, Taiwan in October 22-25, 2017.

This conference has been alternately hold by countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and has successfully attracted colleagues and specialists in the field of waterfowl for participation.

 This congress has been a unique platform for exchanging the most up-to-date knowledge of waterfowl in various areas. This year, the main theme of the conference is Biosecurity, Environmental Friendliness and Sustainability in Waterfowl Production, which will cover the following topics, Genetics and BreedingNutrition and FeedingFood Processing and Safety, and Disease and Prevention.

 The 1st Announcement of the 6th World Waterfowl Conference (WWC 2017) is attached, kindly assist to distribute it to your friends and colleagues of the related field! For more updated information, kindly visit our website http://www.wwc2017.tw/constantly.

 We are here extending our sincerest welcome to you and all colleagues around the world in the waterfowl field, and also take this opportunity to explore the many facets of Taipei city.